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I noted that I had earned a Ph. I did less hunting and fishing in my 20s than at any other time in my life. There is one caveat connected with the special offers. Payment must be by check or money order. Other orders, of course, as always can be via PayPal.

Remember that any overseas order must contact me first because of the high shipping prices.

Turkey Hunt in the Black Hills!!!

Many thanks and I hope you find something of interest. Then comes a longish session of writing, researching, checking and answering e-mails, revising material I already have in draft form, filling book orders, and pursuing other tasks which form an integral part of the writing life. Beyond that, I go daily to visit Ann. That is usually though not always in the afternoon.

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I killed a doe on the last hour of the last day. That meat, added to what I had already taken, will put me in good shape for the coming months.

I gave a talk to a group of library supporters a few weeks back, talking about how important libraries have been in my life and in essence thanking those folks for being supportive of their public libraries. The result is a great deal of nonsense, falsification of history, and seemingly willful destruction of the past. It flat-out frosts my grits. When I was a boy growing up in the Smokies, Momma had a frequently used approach for making a little meat go a long way.

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For example, she could take half a pound of cheap hamburger, brown it, and then use the drippings to make what mountain folks often call sawmill gravy. She would introduce flour to the piping hot grease, make a roux, and once it was just right add milk until she got the gravy to a suitable consistency. At that point she put the browned hamburger back in the gravy, stirred it all together, and served it over whatever bread we happened to have for that meal—biscuits, biscuit bread, or cornbread.

With the addition of two or three vegetables and fruit what we invariably called cooked apples , you had the basis for a hardy meal. A little bit of bacon and bacon grease, suitably expanded to an exponential degree with flour and milk, became something to slather over fresh-baked biscuits and, with plenty of eggs, formed a hearty, filling breakfast. There are various offshoots to sawmill gravy, and one of my favorites involves quail for breakfast.

Just take leftover fried quail and remove the meat from the bones, using meat scissors to cut it into bits. Next, make a roux and then milk gravy.


Once it is bubbling and beginning to thicken, stir in the meat from quail. If you want to vary things a bit and add some salt , chop up a few pieces of dehydrated or chipped beef with the meat for the quail. As soon as the quail-gravy mix is good and hot, pour over toast or biscuits and serve immediately. Not all types of snow lend themselves to making snow cream. The ideal snow is one of the soft, fluffy sort which hangs on limbs and creates the images associated with a winter wonderland.

Further adding to ideal snow cream conditions is a snowfall of several inches. Skim a layer off the top to remove any trash or bits of vegetation which might have fallen on top of it and then gather a big bowl full of snow, being careful as you do so not to dig too deeply and get down to the ground.

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Take your snow in the house and immediately make this treat. Add some sugar or powdered sugar , an ample dollop of vanilla, a raw egg, and if you want richer snow cream, a half cup to a cup of whipping cream. Beat it all briskly with a whisk until thoroughly mixed and serve immediately.

For a bit of variety, include some chocolate syrup. Serve with some oatmeal-and-raisin or chocolate chip cookies. This year, as is almost always my practice, the vast majority of the meat from deer I killed processed in one of two ways—ground venison with a bit of suet added and cubed steak. Even the loins and backstraps are cubed. Cubing does not affect taste in any way.


All it does is change the texture, make some difference in cooking preparation, and ensure that the meat is tender. I just happen to like what you might describe as ease of chewing, and cubed steak has the added virtue of lending itself to preparation in so many ways. Some of my favorites include mustard-fried venison steak, chicken-fried venison steak, country-style venison steak, crockpot cubed steak, and cubed steak with potato cakes. Brush venison cubed steaks on both sides with prepared mustard.

Place flour and salt in a Zip-loc or other bag and shake to mix. Add steaks one at a time and shake until well covered. Heat the oil in a non-stick pan and add the floured stead. Cook until golden brown should still be slightly pink in the middle and serve immediately.

Peel several potatoes and cut into chunks. Boil in enough water to cover until the potato chunks are tender and almost ready to break apart when you insert a fork. Remove from the stove top and pour off some of the water. Then use a large spoon to mix the potato chunks a bit, stirring just enough to separate them to the point of where there are still small bits of potato. Add a goodly bit of butter use the real McCoy and milk.

If you want extra-rich soup use whole milk. Salt and pepper to taste. While the soup is heating, fry several slices of bacon to crisp brownness in a pan atop another burner. Local eateries also offer food delivery to your seat. An avid turkey hunter for nearly a quarter century, Mike Joyner has been roaming the hills and woodlands of America stalking the elusive prey -wild turkey. A new book: D. Adams, Evolutionary Turkey Call Pioneer, is set to be released later this year.

For more information on the author visit his personal website: www. Wild Turkey Adventures In Cortland. Metro October 30, Spring Cleaning? How about Fall Cleaning? Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney Explains.

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