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  1. Armutsproblem in Deutschland ist sozialer „Sprengsatz“
  2. The ticking timebomb of German poverty
  3. Poverty in Germany
  4. Strategies against child poverty in Germany - why East German children are poorer - pedocs

Not sure but I belive pay in the big export industry sector is good. Both engineers and workers have good salary structure.

Kinderarmut in Deutschland - "Kurz gefragt" mit Anette Stein

Germany was probably pre-decide, an attempt to squeeze wages in Germany. One of the references even noted that the military was using broomsticks as guns during drills, there not being a sufficient number of real guns available to them, and also noted that morale was of course extremely low as a result. It also might explain why Merkel was so quick to meet with Putin about diffusing the Ukraine situation.

Germany would hardly be in any way ready to perform her promised NATO role should that situation escalate. But certainly, the US would know this? For 25 years, now. Tz, tz. Not even in 25 years?

Armutsproblem in Deutschland ist sozialer „Sprengsatz“

How come? Oh — and that the wages in the Eastern part of Germany are generally lower, til today. So Europe abandons any notion of democracy.

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  • Kinderarmut in Deutschland wächst weiter – mit Folgen fürs ganze Leben!

The German ideology that could not prevail in several World Wars would thus prevail. Greece leaves the Eurozone and becomes a colony of the Eurozone. This may have seemed unduly harsh at the time. Much less so now. That may well be true.

The ticking timebomb of German poverty

But, fundamentally, Germans need to ask themselves the question of why its ALWAYS better to exchange more goods and services for fewer goods and services. It may make sense to do that for one year, or maybe a few years but year after year? If I grow apples and you grow pears then it makes sense for us to swap, say, 5 kg of my apples for 5 kg of your equally valuable pears.

If, one year, I can only supply 4kg of apples then you can take my IOU to make up the difference. So, why let it happen to begin with? Germans should do themselves a favour and at least balance their trade.

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  6. That way they can eat more apples and pears! Better still they could try running a deficit. They have plenty of foreign currency reserves, and credit worthiness, to do that and they will be giving Greece and Spain a market for their exports. This will boost their economies and allow them to better service their Euro debts. It is even worse. They did not even like a Dilbert quote! Mine is gone since 24 months. When you are a critical blogger they do everything to destroy your business when you are self employed. They deliver letters to you deliberately late so that you are in breach of contract.

    Not everything is rosy and shiny in Germany, agreed. The vast majority of Minijobs are used for part-time work, because there are a lot less bureaucratic hurdles to overcome than for a regular job. Mind you, even my mum has a Minijob, because she still enjoys to work at a kindergarten at the age of She uses the extra money next to her pension to travel around the world quite literally for that matter.

    Besides, after almost 70 years of peace a lot of wealth has accumulated in Germany and is passed down to heirs who in turn can afford to make a living of a Minijob. I personally know some of these lucky bastards. Every state-run or state-controlled company had the lot of them. Remember that a one-minute long-distance telephone call used to cost around 0.

    Secondly, the way the poverty quote is calculated makes sure that there still will be poverty in Germany even if everyone and their grandmother were a billionaire.

    Poverty in Germany

    Now, unless everyone has exactly the same income, there will always be poor people in Germany. The more they cry, the more money they get. Lastly, unlike other countries, wages are negotiated mostly without state influence. So blaming the government especially the federal one for not raising the wages enough is besides the point. Here somebody is telling some tall stories.

    You cannot compare the US system with Europe. A refugee costs This is not poverty! You cannot compare poverty in USA with poverty in Germany.

    Strategies against child poverty in Germany - why East German children are poorer - pedocs

    Nobody is starving or suffering hunger there. The poverty problem is mainly the problem of the underclass of immigrants. They have no real function. They are no professional workers. You are comparing apples with pears! My comments policy makes it clear that I expect a credible E-mail address with any comment I publish. Irrespective of the validity of the comment, it will go to trash if there is a blatantly false E-mail address accompanying the comment. For example, an address such as no. Having the threshold at a certain percentage of the median income means the raising the incomes of those below the threshold does not in and of itself increase the threshold.

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    To do so, we initiate innovative projects in nurseries and schools, and distribute diverse information and working materials. Competent use of media Today, it is more important than ever to be able to use media in a reflective way, to critically evaluate it and, finally, to be able to try it out safely online. Cultural education Culturally active children acquire new knowledge, develop imagination and strengthen their expressiveness.

    We promote cultural programmes for children and young people, in particular for those who have little access to education. This is a piece of educational equality. Denn es gibt nicht nur die, die der Arbeitsmarkt nicht braucht. Traurig, widerlich In diesem Bericht wurde oefter erwaehnt dass viele der Kinder die am Rande der Gesellschaft leben aus Migrantenfamilien oder Familien kommen in denen die Situation laengst aus dem Ruder gelaufen ist.

    Ganz offenbar kann sich Deutschland und auch HH nicht mehr leisten nicht arbeitende Migranten zu ernaehren,also sollte man diese Leute bitten in ihre respektive Heimat zurueck zu kehren,wenn sie aber deutsche Paesse haben dann ist die Option natuerlich nicht mehr gegeben. Eltern,die ihren Pflichten nicht nachkommen von Sozialhilfe leben sollte man Druck machen,sie in Kurse einbinden wo sie lernen Eltern zu sein.

    Weigern sie sich kann die ohnehin schon vernachlaessigten Kinder in Heime tun wo sie dann versorgt werden. In Deutschland ist es nicht die Armut die Leute hungern laesst sondern eher Bequehmlichkeit und Faulheit der Eltern sich um ihren Nachwuchs zu kuemmern.