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  1. Published Author of Horror, Erotica & Fiction
  2. Christopher Newman

Who will die?

Published Author of Horror, Erotica & Fiction

Will Gub Gub ever find true love? Manipulated by the Gods. Commanded by Caesar. In the year 65 A. Plus: Back in the present, the unthinkable has happened to Ninjak and his fellow MI-6 agents that survived the horrors of the Deadside! Infected with an aggressive and lethal cancer from his exposure to a noxious parallel dimension, Ninjak must race against the clock for a cure before he makes a permanent trip to the realm of the dead!

The civilization that built them has fallen…and, now, to combat the doomsday threat that destroyed their world, Dead Hand will complete the mission that their creators could not. Linh Ming Trung is a Vietnamese sniper whose kill ratio is only matched by her hatred of the Western Alliance Coalition. It is a rollicking tale about an innocent woman whose… um… ample asset drives the men in her village to distraction. The series of outrageous events force Agnes into the wide world all alone.

This novel follows the rollicking misadventures of Ludwig Osgood-Simple, a cad who has little regard for the women he seduces. However a bizarre twist of fate places him in the employment of Penny Brytches and Rodney Falstaff who insist he pay off his debt to them by performing duties as a gigolo. Little does Ludwig know this will allow him to meet the woman who will steal his heart.

Our hero must tread a very narrow and dangerous path in order to win the affections of Lady Faith Nevermore. It involves a young woman who swears vengeance upon the Kingdom of Effingham and will not rest until her oath is fulfilled.

It tells the tale about a future society of Mankind were personal freedoms are outlawed and homosexuality is illegal. Currently this is going to be released soon. It is a non-erotica horror story I just finished and and has been sent out to various publishers. This book revolves around a serial killer who is preying upon female co-eds at Evans City University. These manuscripts explore the idea of what kind of person could bring about drastic change in an established and hidebound religion.

Our heroine is Lilith Attarlsdottar a darkling the name given to anyone with a demonic heritage who finds herself the subject of a demonic prophesy. Opening the sealed book releases the spirit of the murdered centerfold who begs him to help her find peace.

Christopher Newman

Or does she have another more wilder agenda? Please Stay Awhile… if you dare! If you are brave enough, you can read excerpts of my upcoming novels, peruse my pictures, and take a poll or two. Email the Author! Feel free to drop me a line. Inside your schools. On December 28th, out of the pages […].

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