PDF Quando volano i fenicotteri (Italian Edition)

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Cavaliere Pergola, protected by an umbrella, tried to spot his small tracts of land, which could hardly be distinguished, one to the right, one to the left, and a third farther down.

Quando volano i fenicotteri (Italian Edition)

And he also looked toward Margitello, where the building of the Agricultural Association shone white against the brown earth soaked with water; and with the black holes of the windows without shutters and with walls without a roof, it seemed like the skeleton of some large animal dumped there to rot. Now you have nothing to come and see on this side! The Marchese di Roccaverdina now enjoys my property. Do you know, Excellency, how it happened?

Rocco the Lord forgive him worked in the interests of his boss, right or wrong; but he was in the wrong about that which concerned me. We poor folk are always wrong! Each drop is a piece of gold that falls from the sky! Ci volevano pei terreni almeno tre palmi di tempera! Non ostante il velo steso dalla pioggia, si distinguevano le macchiette nere che apparivano, cangiavano posto, si diradavano, tornavano a radunarsi. La pioggia tanto desiderata e tanto invocata, gli aveva messo addosso, al contrario, un senso di tristezza; gli scherzi dei ragazzi lo irritavano.

E ora che la pioggia era venuta, e che pioggia! For each one who left, two or three others arrived, as if they could not get enough of hearing the roar of the streams and to see the gutters ill up in the streets; they wanted to enjoy the sight of the ields, drinking, drinking, drinking, and not ever being satisied.

Oh, if that rain would last a week, without ceasing for a single moment! The ields needed at least six inches of rain to get back to normal. From a window in Margitello, the engineer mentioned to the Marchese that people were watching from the esplanade of the castle. Despite the curtain hung by the rain, one could distinguish the black igures that appeared, changed places, dispersed, then came together again.

The sound of the bells of all the churches had reached there after the irst drops of rain had fallen. And with that, the peasants and laborers had abandoned themselves in a frenzy of shouting, leaping with joy in the courtyards, while children enjoyed themselves by stomping on puddles with their feet and splashing each other in the face with water collected in the palms of their hands.

Now and then, looking out the doors of ground- loor residences, they shoved and pushed each other outside, and they splashed the heavy rain on each other as if they were pouring it from pitchers. Stop it! And yet, all of this happiness should have pleased him. The rain, so needed and so prayed for, had, on the contrary, imposed upon him a sadness; the shenanigans of the children irri- tated him.

Now that the only minor obstacle coming between the two of them had been removed, not only did he not feel happy, but he stood there before that window, with his eyes ixed on the eucalyptus plants dripping water from their curved branches and along old leaves that were being cleaned of a layer of dust that had made them turn yellow and wither.


He stayed there with his eyes ixed, as if the dream that should have soon come true distanced itself rapidly, and he could do nothing to stop it or call it back. Agrippina Solmo Brava ragazza! Essa, niente!