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Legend of the Bermuda Triangle
  1. The Bermuda Triangle Mystery Delusion: Looking Back after Forty Years
  2. Bermuda Triangle | Description & Facts |
  3. Bermuda Triangle: six conspiracy theories about the mystery
  4. What's The Real Science Behind The "Bermuda Triangle"?

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  • Bermuda Triangle - Facts and Myths?
  • 1918: U.S. Battleship Goes Missing With 306 on Board.

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The Bermuda Triangle Mystery Delusion: Looking Back after Forty Years

Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Tech Explorist Believe in Excellence. Home Science Bermuda Triangle mystery 'solved,' scientists claim. Image: Youtube. Scientists claimed that the Rogue waves are the reason behind it. Amit Malewar.

Bermuda Triangle | Description & Facts |

August 2nd, See stories of the future in your inbox every morning. Must Read. Floris Schoonderbeek, a designer from Dutch has created the spherical Ground Fridge.

This underground, cellar-style fridge keeps food cool without using electricity. In others, the ships and planes were real but their "mysterious disappearances" were during bad storms — storms that the writer usually failed to mention. Still other incidents took place far away from the area.

Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved?

This isn't to say there are no disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle, but it's important to remember that the zone is a popular route for both ships and planes, so the odds are good that more crafts will sink or crash in that area than in a less trafficked one. If the Bermuda Triangle really is the danger zone it's purported to be — and again, the evidence suggests it's not — there are plenty of rational reasons why aircraft and seaborne vessels would disappear over certain parts of the ocean. The most likely theories involve geography, not aliens or angry Atlantians.

One explanation cites the fact that the ocean floor is relatively rich in methane, which can form a gas-ice-sediment mix under high pressure.

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  • How did it all start?.
  • 1945: Bomber Squad Disappears, So Do Rescuers.
  • Bermuda Triangle mystery 'solved,' scientists claim?
  • For Their Pleasure.
  • Bermuda Triangle mystery ‘solved,’ scientists claim?

If an underwater landslide occurs, this noxious mixture can burst out from the seafloor, entering the atmosphere and either intoxicating pilots or changing the density of the surrounding air and interfering with normal piloting. These blasts have been known to damage offshore oil rigs, which means they could play a role in at least some of the more mysterious disappearances. It's not likely that scientists will be able to tell with much certainty until the ocean floor is mapped in greater detail.

Bermuda Triangle: six conspiracy theories about the mystery

The latest map of the ocean floor took place in Despite the fact that it used advanced measurements of the Earth's gravity field, it still only has a resolution of 3 miles 5 kilometers — much lower than what you would need to pinpoint the location of important geographical features or individual shipwrecks. Get stories like this one in your inbox or your headphones: Sign up for our daily email and subscribe to the Curiosity Daily podcast. This article contains affiliate links.

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What's The Real Science Behind The "Bermuda Triangle"?

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